Mission & Values


We believe that through the culture within our company that we will be able to develop and provide the most technically productive subsea oil & gas intervention systems & services to our customer’s globally.


In order to achieve this market position we currently are, and must continue to be, a differentiator and in the forefront of transforming the subsea oil & gas industry through understanding our customers and by having the smartest resources developing specific systems and solutions that drive productivity and efficiency for our customers in their intervention, completion and the workover operations

Core Values

Within Optime Subsea Services we put our customers, company and culture first and only by leading by example are we able to achieve this. Our success is a direct result of the success of our customers. The culture is driven by a set of values, which we respectfully and proudly strive towards

  • We build the SMARTEST innovative solutions to drive increased productivity
  • We anticipate our CUSTOMERS needs
  • We empower our EMPLOYEES to be successful
  • We provide RELIABLE services every time


Partner - Holta Invest - Optime Subsea Services

Holta Invest

Holta Invest AS is currently a shareholder with Optime Subsea Services. It is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company is wholly owned by Mr. Kjetil Holta who plays an active role as Chairman. Holta Invest has a strong financial position with a total equity of NOK 2.5billion and no interest bearing dept. The Holta Invest Group has about 400 employees and a turnover of about NOK 9.1 billion in 2015.


Telemark Utviklingsfond

Telemark Utviklingsfond (TUF) is a supporting partner in the region of Telemark, working to create long term value and enthusiasm within the region and municipalities of Telemark. TUF has been a sponsor and contributed to Optime Subsea Services with funding to help establish its foundation for international presence, which we believe will drive a strong value back to the region.



Notodden Utvikling AS (NUAS) is a company working with the local businesses in Notodden to support on establishing a business, as well as councelling during the operations of the business. NUAS has been a sponsor to Optime Subsea Services in providing both advice and councelling on setting up the structure, as well as bringing together partners to help fund specific key growth areas. We work together to help build the local community in and around Notodden.


Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway (IN) is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. IN support companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. IN has through their network and business ideas supported Optime Subsea Services in everything from structure, patents and funding of specific critical start up processes. IN has been and continues to be a great sponsor of Optime Subsea Services, in particular their local presence and office in Skien, Telemark.



At Optime Subsea Services we are working with a clear set of principles, across international waters and borders.

We prioritize our customers, which we strive to create a long-term success for, primarily by delivering innovative and cost efficient solutions. Without our employee’s strong knowledge base and experience, creating customer success is not sustainable, which is why incentivizing innovation internally is resulting in an empowered and successful work force. Lastly, our shareholders, partners and communities form the basis of how and why we are going to continue to grow and excel.

Owner structure

Optime Subsea Services AS

Optime Subsea Services Founders (through Holding companies)

Holta Invest AS

Telemark Technologies Holding AS

V&T Invest AS

Kristoffer Tollehaugen AS

Optime Subsea Services AS equity of Berget AS

2005: Established as BLE Engineering, performing subsea engineering services
2008: Increased in-house engineering and machining capabilities
2013: Developed Telemark Technologies to a subsea EPC provider with fabrication & machining
2015: Optime Subsea Services established as a subsea system services provider
2016: Merging Telemark Technologies products with Optime Subsea Services systems