Our engineering department consists of leading expertise offering the following services:

  1. Analysis; hydraulic, structural, FEA and global/local analysis, implosion resistance
  2. Software development / configuration (in-house proprietary SW)
  3. Design 2D & 3D
  4. Subsea Development Studies
  5. FEED Studies
  6. Subsea Development Studies
  7. Product Design
  8. Well Intervention & Decom Operational Planning


Our facility holds a 690 bar high technical and operational efficient pressure vessel simulating 6900m water depth.

In order to better server our customer needs, we have now upgraded our test facility and conducting pressure testing up to 2 000bar / 29 000psi. Contact me for more details if needed.

No need to invest in a pressure vessel if testing requirements are limited, our vessel is available for lease with our experienced personnel supporting in ensuring an optimized and safe operation.

Our customer base is global and on a monthly basis we provide testing services for customers in all of Europe, including Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland and the Nordic countries. Since we have the experience it proves just as easy and cost efficient for our customers outside of Norway as within Norway to perform their tests. If needed we support with transportation, remote testing and any other processes to support test requirements..

Manager Workshop: Knut Anders Bø
Mob: +47 982 30 478

Pressure Vessel Specification

Maximum Working Pressure:
690-barg (~10 000 psig)
Pressure Medium: Water/Glycol
Chamber Diameter: 1 000 mm (~ 40 in.)
Chamber Height: 2 200 mm (~86 in.) – (3 000)
Orientation: Vertical
Temperature Range: Ambient to – 5 ° Celsius
General Purpose Receptacles:
6 (for electrical, hydraulic, fiber optic or customizable penetrators)
Standard Electrical: Several different connectors available
Standard Hydraulic: 2 x 3/8″ BuTech, 1 x 9/16″ BuTech
Standard Fiber Optic: 2 x 8 strands each

Manager Workshop: Knut Anders Bø
Mob: +47 982 30 478

pressure test facility

Test Flyer


With our engineering, design and machining capabilities we are set up to maintain our in-house equipment and will support in any similar request for modifications and service of equipment.


We are offering any type of machining service and find that with our operational and system experience, are able to offer the customer an understanding of the application providing a better result, without any additional cost.


We offer complete fabrication work, both for internal and external need. Being With our equipment consisting of the following, we can offer most size fabrication work

– Milling machines
– Sandblasting equipment
– Coating capabilities
– Cutting Equipment
– Welding equipment
– Various presses