Do you wonder what it is like to work with us?

We have asked five employees what they think is the best thing about working at Optime Subsea:

Stine Therese, Project Manager

Employed since: December 2018.

1. Why did you want to work at Optime?

– I had the impression that Optime had a very good working environment.

It seemed like a business with clear ambitions, which dared to think outside the box.

2. What is the best thing about working at Optime?

I would say the working environment.

Stine Therese, Project Manager

I find that there is a very special work culture in Optime – that I am proud to be a part of.

  • The distance between the departments is short.
  • We have great respect for each other.
  • All of us want Optime to succeed and we are one team.

It provides an exciting and varied workday – where one can grow.

Gunn Tove, Project Manager

Employed since: October 2019.

1. Why did you want to work at Optime?

I had been watching Optime from the very beginning, and saw that it was a business with a lot of innovation and creativity.

It seemed like an exciting place to work.

2. What is the best thing about working at Optime?

– all my colleagues.

Together we create a good working environment and a good culture. 

We are very united towards our goals.

Everyone pulls each other forward, gets included and works for success.

Gunn Tove, Project Manager

It is exciting to work in an international company that can deliver to the whole world.

As part of Optime, I can thus help build the district I live in.

  • Now under the pandemic, we have seen that there are advantages – to not being in the big cities.
  • Fortunately, we have been operating here all the time.

Bård, Designer

Employed since: June 2019

1. Why did you want to work at Optime?

Here the focus is on bringing out the best in each employee.

Bård, Designer

I am a trained mechanical engineer. Now I am working with graphic design and 3D animation for Optime.

2. What is the best thing about working at Optime?

– the people who work here and the management.

  • The managers focus on bringing out the best in each employee. They look for opportunities for the individual.
  • As an employee of Optime, you are encouraged to do a good job – and to work on what you are good at.
  • The tasks are adapted along the way, according to competence and interest.
  • Each employee is seen and understood.

Rubem, R&D Engineer

Employed since: 2019

1. Why did you want to work at Optime?

– I liked the company’s mentality, and wanted to help develop new and innovative technology.

2. What is the best thing about working at Optime?

– the good colleagues.

  • We work closely together and play on the same team.
  • We are almost like a family.

Here, everyone is allowed to communicate his or her own idea, and everyone is seen and heard.

Rubem, R&D Engineer

The business mentality is characterized by innovation and creativity.

It is exciting to be part of creating something new.

Thor Øystein, Service Manager

Employed since: 2015

1. Why did you want to work at Optime?

I was going to move “home” from Trondheim to Notodden, and had heard about this new Notodden company.

It has been exciting to be a part of the development of ideas and concepts – almost from the start.

2. What is the best thing about working at Optime?

– the working environment in our company is very motivating.

Thor Øystein, Service Manager

In addition, of course, the jobs at Optime Subsea are meaningful, innovative and interesting.

  • I like problem solving, whether it is technical or in other areas, both at work and at home.
  • We have a fantastic leader in Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, who is amazingly enthusiastic and engaging.
  • CEO really represents the culture here. He is an important part of creating an environment where we encourage each other.

Optime’s subsea system, Remotely Operated Controls System (ROCS) has completed a successful subsea operation for Aker BP. The ROCS eliminates the umbilical during well completions.

This is not just a first system use, but also a first type of operation for the industry.

ROCS was deployed during a completions operation for a production well for Aker BP on the Ærfugl-field on the Norwegian Contintental Shelf in late February.

-This is a major achievement! Optime has developed ROCS over several years and from looking at the total work hours available internally, we have spent a significant share of resources on this development.

Together with Aker BP we have now achieved success on the first operation offshore. I believe that is a great accomplishment and the start of a major industry transition with this system.

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO at Optime Subsea

ROCS Simplifies Operations

Through ROCS, Optime is contributing to increased efficiency for the oil and gas industry in numerous ways. ROCS is remotely:

  • controlled topside,
  • using an advanced technological controls unit providing improved functionality,
  • without a large hydraulic system, including a costly and heavy umbilical.

We have now completed a successful operation on the Ærfugl-field using Optimes ROCS. The operation was planned in great details, allowing for a safe execution. Imbedded in Aker BP is the continous drive towards technology that permanently improves our subsea well operations.

ROCS is a good example of that, as it reduces HSE risk, optimizes operations and also reduces the overall cost for us, says Mads Rødsjø, head of Aker BP’s subsea well operations.

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-Through the use of ROCS we have been able to move tonnes of actual equipment from the rig, as well as mechanical and hydraulic interfaces, into a simple and efficient software. This is truly digitalization, says Rødsjø.

Optime signed a frame agreement with Aker BP January of 2019. The agreement includes work on Aker BPs subsea systems for two years, with an additional 2 year extension.  

Aker BP and their competence as well as focus to leverage innovative technology, is fundamental to continous industry improvements. This reduces the environmental footprint, improves efficiency, increases safety, and reduces cost – we believe it will create a new industry norm,

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO at Optime Subsea

About Optime Subsea

Optime Subsea is based with its HQ on Notodden, Norway as well as office in Houston, Texas. Over the last years it has established itself as a leading specialist on subsea intervention and controls systems globally.

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ROCS Facts

When completing subsea wells, the tubing hanger is placed on top of the well head, as a seal towards the rest of the subsea well.

  • Normally this is controlled through a dedicated hydraulic umbilical which includes a large 20-30 feet control container. When running the umbilical, it is clamped to the tubing for increased stability.
  • ROCS replaces the operation by remotely controlling a controls unit towards the well head. This allows for safer, simpler and more efficient operations
  • ROCS is mobilized in a single basket and prepared and made up onshore, allowing it to be ready to run immediately offshore from a vessel or rig.

For additional information, please reach out to the following:

(Norwegian) Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO Optime, cell: +47 414 60 996 , email:   

(International) Thor-Arne Lovland, CCO Optime, cell: +1 832 904 6842, email: