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Asterix and Obelix – the largest pressure chambers in their class

The world’s largest pressure chambers were recently unveiled, when NUI opened its hyperbaric test centre on the 1st of September 2020. The pressure chambers, named Asterix and Obelix, feature a unique design combined with high functionality. Built by Optime Subsea, they are the largest in their class. “Asterix and Obelix were a distinctive challenge as […]

Subsea champions

Optime Subsea is actively working to both develop and preserve local expertise, not just for the benefit of the industry but for the county municipality as a whole. Strategically located at the edge of ‘Energy Valley’ Optime Subsea has experienced both success and growth since its inception in 2015. For Optime Subsea, internal expansion and […]

New board members of Optime Subsea

Our board of directors includes proficient persons with broad competence and experience from different fields and companies. We are proud to introduce our newest board members; Tone-Marie Amlie Wahlstrøm and Svenn Ivar Fure. They will be valuable contributors to our board. Bringing innovation and digital competence Tone-Marie Wahlstrøm is Head of Customer Centric Banking in […]

Optime delivers two ultra-deep pressure chambers to NUI

As a long leading expert within testing and verification of subsea tools and equipment, NUI makes a new investment in two ultra-deep pressure chambers from Optime Subsea. One 1000 bar named Asterix and one 700 bar named Obelix. The chambers unique design, with supplied test baskets and parking stands, makes the mobilisation and equipment loading […]

Optime Gets New Contracts for Newly Introduced Products

Optime Subsea have secured a large international contracts as a direct result of increasing its product portofolio. Optime have developed its competence, as well as products and systems, to include topside equipment interfacing to its subsea systems. In order to control Opime’s existing subsea systems, it will require a cable/umbilical to provide power and communication […]