We have today posted five available positions with our innovative subsea technology company. Four of the roles are based at Notodden, Norway, with the fifth in Houston, Texas. 

Over the past five years, we have established ourself as a leading specialist on subsea intervention and controls systems globally. Our company has developed new technologies that have drastically changed how operators solve their subsea challenges. 

To apply for the various roles, please click on the link embedded in each individual brief job description below.


As Chief Financial Officer, you will be a close and trusted business partner to the CEO and the leadership team. You will be involved in the corporate strategy and be a key leader driving Optime’s future global growth. The CFO will provide executive leadership critical to the mission and vision of Optime and have the overall responsibility for the financials of Optime Group. The CFO is expected to take active part in developing and leading the finance team in Norway and support the finance function in our companies abroad. Link for applying for this position will be published on Adecco Select’s homepage soon. 

VP Sales & Business Development

As VP Sales & Business Development, you will be the frontline ambassador for Optime’s systems and products. You will lead the Sales department and have the overall responsibility for meeting sales and growth targets. Together with the sales team, you will develop relationship with existing and new customers, and discover and explore new markets and concepts. 

Marketing & Communication Manager

As our Marketing & Communication Manager you lead our global marketing initiative, starting in our offices in Notodden and reaching globally. You will work both operationally and strategically, planning and executing campaigns to grow awareness of our brand, products, and solutions. 

Head of HR & HSE 

Head of HR & HSE will have a key role in maintaining a safe working environment and a great organizational culture.  In close collaboration with the HR manager and the HSE manager you will have both strategic and operational responsible for HR and HSE. 

Project Manager – Houston, Texas, U.S

The Project Manager will be responsible for successful development and execution of onshore and offshore projects, and interfaces with operations and engineering to plan and execute operations and field deployment of products. 

From 29 August to 1 September, Optime Subsea will participate at the ONS conference in Stavanger, Norway. 

ONS (short for Offshore Northerns Seas), is a biennial event which started in 1974, and today is a key meeting place for the energy industry.

Continuously developing, ONS represents a series of activities around the world, and assembles high-profile decision-makers as well as global influencers who are engaged in the world’s energy discussions.

During the ONS event, more than 65 000 visitors from around 100 countries gather in Stavanger. Optime Subsea will participate at the event, proudly displaying our Downhole Safety Control Module (DHSCM) in hall 7, stand no. 7255. 

We will also introduce you to our Remotely Operated Controls Systems (ROCS) and our latest invention, the Subsea Controls & Intervention Light System (SCILS).

Want to meet up during ONS 2022?

Contact: post@optimesubsea.com and we’ll be in touch.

See you in Stavanger!

Erlend is now working as a full-time project engineer at Optime Subsea. He started his career at Optime Subsea during his studies at USN Kongsberg. Erlend studied Systems Engineering, specialized in Software. The young engineer has already been a key contributor to the development of the mSHPU, SCILS and ROCS products. He has lent his talent over the whole stack, from driver-development, through controls-engineering, and to the top layer of human machine interface.

I was wrong.

– In 2011 I was offered to play for NFK – Notodden Fotball Club. I lived in Trondheim, one of Norway`s biggest cities and I saw myself as a city boy. I hesitated and was slightly negative when I moved to Notodden. My opinion of this small town was that there was nothing to do. My initial plan was, therefore, to return to Trondheim, Trøndelag.

Can you tell us what made you change your mind?

– After a while I realized that Notodden had the whole package. The city is surrounded by astonishing nature and had a lot of activities. Notodden is simply an idyllic place to live with its good reach to more central areas like Drammen, Oslo, Skien and Porsgrunn. Since my partner is from Notodden and I now work at Optime Subsea, I find my life here enjoyable.

As you enter the door at Optime, you get the opportunity to set your mark.


Why did you want to work at Optime Subsea?

– When I got hired as a software engineer, Optime was smaller than today. I immediately experienced the Optime spirit, drive and commitment that has brought us to where we are today. My ambitions were heard and acknowledged from the first day, and I was given room for creativity. Optime is intentional when hiring, and it is all about finding just the right people. In this way Optime takes care of the culture, that which contributes to the success of the company. With Optime, you have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to its further development. 

Freedom and creativity

– In my role as a software engineer at Optime I work closely with other people and disciplines. From start to finish, you gain essential knowledge as a participating part in different projects. It is the opportunity to develop myself and the company that keeps me thriving. Optime does not put you in chains, but instead gives you flexibility and freedom.

  • Optime Subsea`s mission is to be the market leader in subsea intervention and control systems. Our mission is to be the leading provider of systems for subsea intervention and control, within the oil and gas industry. We will accomplish this by continuous innovation, with focus on productivity, modularity, and optimization – always to and for our customers.

As a Software Engineer, you might have prejudiced thoughts of the industry

The oil – and gas industry is not known for being a forward – leaning industry within software.

In Optime we want to be innovative in everything we do. Our slogan “We simplify subsea” permeates everything we work with, and together as a company we strive to break limits continuously. It is evident in our projects like ROCS and SCILS where this is demonstrated. Both projects that needed electronics, and software knowledge to make the control system.

If you are a software engineer and thinking about working at Optime – I have one advice; leave an application!

Optime are innovators in the industry, and I can guarantee you will find this journey an enriching one to be a part of.


Exciting Projects as a Software Engineer

– NUI was exciting because it was my first project. The responsibility I was given from the beginning made me have to trust myself and believe in my decisions. These projects leave you with experience and pride. By taking part in processes like these and working through them from start to finish, you gain an understanding of planning, execution, and the context.  

ROCS is high-level innovation within oil and gas. I got to be a part of this project from start to finish. Out on operation, it was amazing to see the result of every hour and day of work.

Using the new technology was a real success!

Your attitude is important!

– The only thing I look for when hiring is attitude. For us, this means being eager to learn and not shying away from responsibility.

Optime will further innovate the industry with its disruptive technology. If we are to innovate the industry and maintain the pressure with new ideas, we also have to innovate ourselves – become better. It is a prerequisite that we hire different types of people; To ensure diversity and good questions.

Are we too similar, then we will not be innovative enough.


Erlend – Outside Optime

– I am very fond of staying active. Before covid hit, I played football, as well as skiing. I am always active, no matter what the season is. Having moved to Notodden, we now have access to a lot of great opportunities and offers throughout the year.

– The fact that Optime able to dissuade me of moving back makes my partner very happy. As am I to this day. And as a father I am not interested to live anywhere else but right here. We are very happy, and we are looking forward to establishing at Notodden.

Optime became the anchorage for Notodden and the reason why we have established ourselves here.


29 June 2022 – Aker BP has contracted Optime Subsea to deliver two Remotely Operated Controls Systems (ROCS). 

In February last year, Aker BP completed its first subsea well completion operation using ROCS on the Ærfugl field. The company has since then successfully run the ROCS on six more wells, without any down time.

“Our own analyses show significant benefits of applying the ROCS instead of a traditional system when completing subsea wells. We have reduced our operating time, hence reducing the weather window requirement, we see less HSE exposure on the drill floor, have lowered our CO2 footprint and through digitalization we have removed 45 tons of surface equipment. In sum a great simplification and improvement of our subsea operations, in line with our strategy,” says Mads Rødsjø, VP D&W Operations at Aker BP. 

This has resulted in Aker BP ordering two new, second-generation ROCS from Optime through a period of three years, with additional two years as options. 

The second-generation system will come with a new stand-alone communication system for even greater rig flexibility and efficient operations. In addition, both systems will be supplied with Optime`s new universal landing string system (Panpipe), capable of being sheared and sealed on all its length. In sum, this position Optime as a complete service provider in this segment.

Two out of ten

The Aker BP order follows Optime Subsea’s decision earlier this year to invest a three-figure NOK million amount in building ten similar ROCS systems. 

“We know that our ROCS technology is a vehicle to significantly reduce operators’ costs and carbon footprint. The decision to make the upfront investment in ten systems was based on our market position and the interest received from operators globally, as well as global market disruptions including supply chain constraints. We are delighted that Aker BP, who has been crucial in the successful development and testing of ROCS, has placed an order for two systems,” says Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea. 

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea. 

Time and cost saver

Optime Subsea’s ROCS eliminates the need for the costly and heavy umbilical that runs from the topside to seabed to control the tubing hanger during completions of subsea wells. More importantly, the ROCS limits the health and safety concerns using a large topside hydraulic unit, with risk of damaging personnel and environment. 

“Our ROCS is 100 percent universal, with a proven track record in reducing cost as well as health, safety and the environmental risks. It can be utilized by any subsea field operator worldwide and immediately return these benefits to the operators,” adds Jan-Fredrik Carlsen. 

Notodden, Norway

The equipment will be manufactured and assembled at Optime Subsea’s headquarter and main manufacturing site at Notodden, Norway, and then supplied to Aker BP in Norway.

Optime Subsea has not disclosed the value of the contract. 

Optime Subsea has offices in Notodden, Norway, and Houston, Texas. Over the past five years, the company has established itself as a leading specialist on subsea intervention and controls systems globally.

ROCS details:

  • When completing subsea wells, the tubing hanger is placed on top of the wellhead, as a seal towards the rest of the subsea well.
  • Normally the tubing hanger is controlled through a dedicated hydraulic umbilical which adds a large 20-30 feet control container. When running the umbilical, it is also clamped to the tubing for increased stability.
  • ROCS replaces these operations by remotely controlling a controls unit toward the wellhead. This allows for safer, simpler and more efficient operations.
  • ROCS is mobilized in a single basket, prepared and made up onshore, allowing it to be ready to run immediately when offshore, from a rig. Avoiding mobilization of 50 ton + of topside equipment


For additional information, please contact:

Gunn Tove Aarbakk, Business Development & Marketing, Optime Subsea, tel: +47 908 20 144, e-mail: gta@optimesubsea.com

«Optime Subsea has proven that they are capable of “simplifying subsea” with their disruptive technology. I am looking forward to continue our mission in developing technology, and focus on delivery to our customers worldwide. I am excited and humble to join this great team.

Kjetil Andre Dalheim

Optime Subsea continues to grow and we are further strengthen the management team in Norway. We are excited to introduce our new Chief Operations Officer, Kjetil Andre.

Optime Subsea mission is to be the market leader in subsea intervention and control systems. Our mission is to be the leading provider of systems for subsea intervention and control, within oil and gas industry. We will accomplish this by continuous innovation, with focus on productivity, modularit, and optimization – always to and for our customers.

Kjetil Andre has a broad and diverse background, starting within banking and finance before moving into Oil & Gas and project management. He brings with him more than 10 years of experience within Oil & Gas as Project Manager and Portfolio Manager. Main area has been Well access tooling. His last position involved Merger and Acquisitions work in addition to Project Management. 

We look forward to the continued growth our team will see under this new leadership. We hired Kjetil Andre with careful consideration in protecting our culture and we believe he will be a great addition to our team. His main drive is to develop people and organization. Kjetil Andre`s strenght is his ability to make decisions and create motion. Core value is integrity and people first. 

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen

Optime Subsea continues to expand, we are ramping up! Optime Subsea continues to attract top talent.

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our leadership team through the appointment of Colin Nicol as our General Manager

Optime Subsea mission is to be the market leader in subsea intervention and control systems. Our mission is to be the leading provider of systems for subsea intervention and control, within the oil and gas industry. We will accomplish this by continuous innovation, with focus on productivity, modularity, and optimization – always to and for our customers.

Colin Nicol will join our Senior Management team and report to our CEO Jan-Fredrik Carlsen with a core focus on developing our Optime Subsea Services INC. Working alongside with our customers and do the preparation for offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

The future of Optime Subsea Service INC is to expand the sales and marketing business to include an operations service group with the ability to support onshore and offshore operations and will include both, local engineering support and field service personnel team.

Optime Subsea Services INC is in the middle of a strategic asset delivery plan to supply our SCILS and ROCS technology to the GOM market. 2 SCILS systems have been delivered to date with 2 ROCS systems to follow. The ROCS system will be ready for operations in the first half of 2022. Most of these assets are being delivered to the international partnership alliance between Halliburton and Optime Subsea, with operations supported jointly by both parties.

“Colin brings with him significant experience within the Oil and Gas subsea sector covering a career in engineering, project execution, operations management, business development as well as business and commercial strategy. Colin has been involved in or responsible for the delivery and commercialization of existing and new technologies into global markets. Along with his experience, Colin has shown that he has the right core values that are at the heart of Optime.  I’m certain we have the best qualified man for the job! I look forward to working together with Colin and have him as a part of my Senior Management Team.”

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO

A great success ROCS & ROLL at Optime Subsea 31.03.2022

Finally, it was time for getting together for a Workshop in the oil and gas industry, for Operators & Subsea innovators. 

A great hands-on innovation workshop at Optime Subsea Notodden-Norway, an exciting day of shaping tomorrow’s systems that will simplify subsea.

Presentation of Optime Subsea systems and operations; ROCS, SCILS and mSHPU products.

Thank you all for making The ROCS & ROLL workshop at Notodden into an amazing event. Optime sets great pride in open and honest relationship with our customers and colleagues. The ROCS & ROLL event was a great hands-on workshop for getting good discussions and insight in equipment, innovation and customers need.  Meeting together, participants from management-development-engineering to technical support personnel gave great value and insight. We hade a fantastic day and we are happy to say that we will make this event a yearly happening for the industry, colleagues and customers. 

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO Optime Subsea

The speakers of the day!

Sigurd Loven Kirkebø, Deloitte

Presented benefits gained by working together.

Sigurd shared his experiences from the “NCS Sharing Economy Project” conducted for the Norwegian Oil and Gas industry. He also talked about the challenges and opportunities for operators and suppliers, as well as what benefits can be gained by collaborating on projects.

Magnus E Marsdal Author of the book, Parterapi For Oljefolk og klimaaktivister

Magnus introduced us to the topic: climate activist Anja Bakken Riise and oil union representative Atle Tranøy join forces to find Norway’s path forward through the industrial green shift. 

Trond Løkka, Chief Business Development Officer Optime Subsea and Rubem Prandi, Business Development Engineer

Trond and Rubem talked about Optime Subsea systems and operations, the ROCS, SCILS and mSHPU products.
They discussed how to increase efficiency, reduce interfaces, and minimize HSE risk exposure. They also presented how Optime has investigate CO2 footprint reduction by way of universalizing systems and
maximizing utilization.


Aker BP’s Tor Otto Lidal, Lead Subsea Engineer, and
Hans Andreas Øygarden, Senior Subsea Engineer

From Drilling and Wells at Aker BP
Tor Otto and Hans Andreas shared their expertise on how new initiatives in the oil and gas industry can move from great ideas to field proven innovation, with the SCILS & ROCS products as reference examples.

Henrik Vedeld System Engineer Alle Electric Equinor 

All-Electric Equinor
Henrik shared his knowledge and expertise on developing Optime’s mSHPU product to overcome the last hurtle in going all electric, and how the product was qualified to TRL-4 for subsea worthiness and use.

Karl Herman Franzen, Leading Engineer Subsea Technology TDI OG FOS SMT SUB Equinor

Technology qualification is a process, All Electric, mSHPU system. 
Shared experience from 2 years of technology development and qualification at Optime Subsea under demanding frame conditions.

Reidar Tveiten, Chair of the Board, Optime Subsea

Announced latest news, how Optime Subsea will grow according to the marked position and strategy for the company.
More news to come.

A special thanks to our guest from; Aker BP, Equinor, Chevron, Petoro, Shell, Neptun Energy, OKEA, Repsol, Conoco Philips, DNO, Wintershalldae, Lundin, Vår Energy for participating.

Thanks to speakers for making an excellent program for the event. And a special thanks to speakers from Aker BP and Equinor, talking about their experience working with Optime Subsea. They referred to customer projects related to Optimes core values, technology development and Qualification.

The event ended with dinner at Brattrein Hotel and rock concert at Telerock

Thank you all for coming to Norway, Notodden. It was a great event, and we are proud to be able to work together for making the oil and gas industry focusing on developing new technology, to reach the future golds related to environment, HSE and sustainability.  See you all back at Optime Subsea next year for a new ROCS & ROLL workshop at Notodden Norway 

Host for the Rocs and Roll event, Gunn Tove Aarbakk, Business Development-Project Manager-Marketing Responsible

Photo: Elisabeth Fosse

The 15K kit is an add on to the 10K SCILS delivered to Halliburton in September 2021.

This kit will enable the SCILS to be used on wells requiring 15K hydraulic pressure supply. The Alliance SCILS has not yet been used in any operation in the GoM, but with this upgrade the SCILS will be more versatile in operation.

Next step now is to integrate the 15K kit into the 10K SCILS and this will be done by our personnel once the kit has cleared customs in the US.

Thanks to everyone involved for a job well done.

Best regards Hallvard S. Landsverk Senior Project Engineer & Kjetil Øyno Senior Project Manager and Discipline Manager.

Read more:

We expect tremendous growth in Optime next year, and are currently looking for several new employees to support our competent team. Today we apply for 12 different positions in all our departments.

Optime Subsea AS is a global industry expert on subsea services, subsea well access and subsea control systems. We maintain a vertically integrated portfolio with expertise offering subsea services offshore, subsea development, design, engineering and analysis as well as subsea products / systems and modular hyperbaric testing vessels.

We Simplify Subsea

Our mission is to simplify subsea by developing products that enables the industry to reduce operational time, cost and CO2 footprint. As our company is expanding both in Norway and internationally, we are searching for more people to join our team.

Expanding our Business in the Gulf of Mexico

We are now expanding our business in the Gulf of Mexico and will establish a local service base in the U.S. We are searching for a General Manager to establish and develop our company in the U.S.

We need to strengthen our finance department and are looking for a Group Accountant to provide, accurate, timely and relevant reporting to ensure management achieve strategic business goals.

Optimes Groundbreaking Technologies

With the launch of Optimes groundbreaking technologies such as SCILS and ROCS, our Aftermarket department is experiencing a rapidly increasing activity level. In order to support this increasing activity, we are now in search of a Support Manager to manage our Engineering Support team. The Support Manager you will lead a team of skilled engineers dedicated to support a wide range of engineering activities, spanning from technical support to planning- and execution of offshore campaigns.

To strengthen our project team, we need a dedicated Project Manager, an experienced purchaser and a skilled Document Controller. Working as a Project Manager in Optime means responsibility for the planning and successful delivery of projects to our international customers.

Disruptive Technology

As Optime’s main business is to invent new, disruptive technology, we need several types of skilled Engineers. Aftermarket are searching for a Support Manager for their offshore team, We need Project Engineer hydraulic and an Analyst Engineer/Specialist to support our Technology department.

Sales and Business Development need a Technical Sales Engineer to further strengthen our global team. The applicant must have a strong technical understanding of Optime’s main products. This role will act as the sales team’s technical support and will represent the technical aspects of the product development, advising customers on how best to use the products provided. The position will also support the company’s business development strategy.

Quality is Essential

Quality is essential for the business, and we need a Quality Engineer to perform reviews, inspections, call for stop-actions, investigate deviations and initiate and close recertification work on Optime Subsea and sub supplier products. We are also looking for a Quality Controller (QC) to perform quality checks on manufactured products.

To support our Warehouse-team we need a dedicated Warehouse worker to take care of the company’s flow of goods, from goods receipt and receipt control to managing the inventory movement according to current processes and routines.

Application Deadline: January 15th, 2022

Read More and Apply:



On September 16th , Optime Subsea ships off the first delivery in the Halliburton alliance – A Subsea Control & Intervention Light System (SCILS)

In our five-year alliance + options with Halliburton, we are set to deliver an offshore operating system every 18 months.

From Notodden to Houston

All the components of our systems are designed and built in our workshop at Notodden. Design and functionality are carefully planned and tested by our highly qualified engineers and workshop personnel at Optime Subsea.

We use carefully selected subcontractors to perform machining of components. The project group at Optime Subsea are now proud to be able to ship the SCILS system overseas, ready for new subsea operations in the gulf of Mexico.

The SCILS simplify offshore processes by moving large systems like HPUs to the sea floor and remove the use of large hydraulic umbilical’s, this make the operations safer and more environmentally friendly. In our five-year alliance + options with Halliburton, we are set to deliver an offshore operating system every 18 months.

Discover the System SCILS: SCILS and the Creation of a Unique Company Culture

The requirements from the customer, to the SCILS system; it must be able to operate at a sea depth of up to 3000 meters and supply control pressures up to 1035 bar. This requires are tested and approved before delivery!

Birk Frideson Lyngdal secures the shipment.

“We are really proud to ship quickly and cost-efficiently, the first SCILS system delivery in the Optime Subsea – Halliburton alliance. This is a milestone in our history and a great reference for future customers abroad.”

Kjetil Øyno Senior Project and Discipline Manager Optime Subsea

Through our global alliance with Halliburton we will deliver SCILS and ROCS to customers across the american market

About Optime Subsea

Founded in 2015, Optime is an innovative and globally leading technological provider of subsea controls and intervention systems.

With its headquarter in Notodden, Norway, and international office in Houston, TX, USA, it is a fully integrated system and services provider with all of the capabilities to optimize subsea well interventions and completions operations.

Within this segment, their capabilities are delivering quick to market solutions, further reducing cost, size and improving operational efficiency – simplifying subsea.

About Halliburton

Visit the company’s website at www.halliburton.com. Connect with Halliburton on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Archive: On March 7th, 2021 , we signed a global strategic alliance with Halliburton Company.