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Linn – The CFO who sees people before numbers

All Chief Financial Officers do not just look at numbers. Optime’s CFO, Linn Bjorhuus Sevre, is just as concerned with the people and their relationships.

It is when people do their best and see the value of unity, that it is shown in the numbers. That is why it is always important to see the people first and the numbers afterward.  

Linn has been employed as the CFO of Optime for just under a year. However, her husband already sees a positive change in his wife Linn, and believes she can use more of her qualities and knowledge in her job at Optime. He tells Linn:   

Since starting at Optime, you have become more reflective and intelligent

Linn’s husband

– At Optime, I can achieve a better balance between education, work experience, and personal qualities. At this job, I work closer to people than in my previous jobs. I also have personnel responsibilities which I have not had before, says Linn.  

– I have learned extremely much in the last 11 months as an employee of Optime. All my professional experiences have been in finance and auditing, seeing as I have a master’s degree in Business Administration.

– Human Resource Management is new to me. However, after I started working at Optime I have had the pleasure of working with the HR subject and preparing a new HR strategy, together with the manager for human resources and the management. Learning about this has been a personal development for me – simply a bonus of this position. I have also never worked as operationally as now.  

The company against the stream

You might think that it is quite obvious that Notodden is the head office of Optime? It is far from obvious that Optime, which is in the subsea industry, is headquartered in Notodden. Notodden is a small inland city in the east of Telemark. The norm for subsea organizations is to be located in coastal municipalities, like for example Stavanger.

However, Notodden has many valuable conditions that suit Optime. Notodden has long industrial traditions, is close to the industry in Kongsberg, and has an airport which, from the beginning of Optime, has had daily flights to Bergen and Stavanger. 

Heddalsvannet is a lake located just outside Optime’s premises. The lake is deep and provides opportunities for testing products. Items that are too large to be transported on trailers can be transported via the locks in the Telemark Canal.  

Optime is also co-located in Telemark Teknologipark, with, among other things, Sperre ROV technology. Yes, Optime is located at the entrance to Energy Valley.  

Yes, you can say Optime is the company against the flow. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry, “We simplify subsea”.  

The culture at Optime  

What do you think impresses Linn the most about Optime? When we ask her, she answers determined – the collective mindset.

I am almost a little moved to see how everyone at Optime goes the extra mile to achieve common goals and wish success upon each other. 


– There is no opposition to new initiatives and changes, as everyone understands that the changes are necessary to achieve the growth and goals we have set for ourselves. Everyone wants the company well. If you ask anyone for help, you will quickly get a positive reply. The positive will to contribute is wonderful to be a part of.  

– I look forward to getting to know everyone at Optime better. For me as an economist, engineering is an art. The expertise that lies within this company; how they systematically work with innovation to improve the oil industry in terms of financial savings, increased efficiency, HSE, and environment. Yes, it is absolutely impressive  

Optime’s magic formula  

Throughout the conversation with Linn, she talks about HR strategy and the people at Optime. -Why are you so concerned about this when you are employed as finance manager?  

How do you drive innovation? With trust and creativity – that’s why we put people first. To be a leader in the industry, all parts of the company must think of improvements and new solutions. The people and the positivity that greets you every day at Optime is touching, says Linn.  

Nothing is impossible – is Optimes mantra


As your business grows, you must preserve the collective and interdisciplinary culture – this has been Optime’s magic formula.  

Innovation often takes place at the intersection of disciplines. Practitioner meets theorist. It is in the interdisciplinary the magic happens – you intensify curiosity and see new opportunities.

By putting together several perspectives on solving a challenge, it gives us solutions we would not have come up with individually. Therefore, we can proudly say: “We Simplify Subsea”.  

How do we become bigger without losing our advantage – having a short distance from idea to production? Openness and trust are two key factors that are important to maintaining a good Optime culture.  

We walk the extra mile together  

In a knowledge-based company like Optime, you live off the employees’ ideas and mind. If the employees do not work optimally, you do not make money either. Everyone at Optime is thirsty to revolutionize the industry. The more familiar you become with Optime, the more you understand and love the slogan: “We Simplify Subsea”. -This is why you should never take any employees for granted, says Linn.  

That is why HR strategizing is so important. We are looking for the best workflow between the different people and the work tasks. While at the same time looking to exploit the individual’s potential. Where does the individual thrive and perform best?  

In our new HR strategy, we work with how we take care of the strong workplace community at Optime.

We must maintain the collective mindset and the desire to succeed – no matter how big our company becomes.


Everyone should have our mission “We Simplify Subsea” in their spinal cords.   

What do you think makes a great leader?  

You said you never had personnel responsibilities, until now. What do you think makes a great leader? – Being a good role model and standing up for what you say and believe is right, Linn answers.  

As a leader, you must bring out the best in your employees. Get to know the employees. Learn to understand what they are good at and what motivates them.

The employees are Optimes most important asset, so we must take good care of everyone.


You should be seen and recognized for what you do. The success of the HR strategy is also important for the company´s financial results. That is probably also why I am so involved in the new HR strategy.  

Reason, emotions and inner peace  

Linn, we have now talked a lot about the culture within Optime, HR, management and the values of the company. We’re curious – who are you?  

Yes, Linn falls into some stereotypes when you think of a typical economist. She likes order and structure, of course, she wants control over the numbers – that is her job. Linn expresses that she may be a little shy and has a hard time opening up to people at first. Once she starts opening up, however, she is no longer shy.   

Even though Linn is a very outgoing and social person, that is probably not always the first impression everyone gets of her. She is aware that she can also be perceived as busy and a little stressed. At work, Linn enjoys her coworkers and working in teams the most.

I believe several heads think better than one


Her goal for 2022 is to get to know more of the people at Optime and to get a little more out of her office.  

So how does a hectic economist find balance and peace? Running, cross-country skiing, family, friends, cabin trips and trips abroad are things that bring Linn peace from her perfectionist demands. When Linn has a strong need to always be in the forefront, because hates feeling behind, it is fortunate that she knows how to lower her shoulders in between deadlines.  

Linn is an economist and likes to spend her time wisely. She, therefore, prefers to go for a jog than to spend time on the couch with a good book. She is restless and impatient, and she is always planning her next move.  

The economist’s softest side? she is most easily touched and finds it difficult to hold back tears whenever her children make her proud. Then her guard falls completely down. 

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